Oysters with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena | Mazzetti L'Originale di Modena


with Rosato (Rosé) Condiment
Ostriche con Aceto Balsamico di Modena - Mazzetti l'Originale
Preparazione cottura
Time: 20 minutes
Portions: 4 people


For the oysters:

1/2 kg of fresh oysters
Chopped parsley

1 glass of Rosato (Rosé) Condiment Mazzetti L’Originale
Chopped ice

For garnishing:
2 lemons
Few green salad leaves


Wash and clean the oysters, then arrange the serving dish pouring the chopped ice on the dish and the salad leaves on the ice.
Open the oysters and put them on the salad leaves. Pour two or three drops on of Rosato (Rosé) Condiment Mazzetti L’Originale on each oyster (this procedure will help in removing the taste of sea water from the oysters enriching them of aromas).

Now prepare a sort of sauce mixing the Rosato (Rosé) Condiment Mazzetti L’Originale with the chopped parsley and pour it in a cup.

Place the cup in the middle of the serving dish and garnish with sliced lemons.

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